Friday, December 28, 2012

Hamara Shahr...

Jab shahr ki be-Chainyan, bad-Gumaniyan
kisi Khaarish zada kutton ki trah
Mujhe  dauda kar jab
Kisi station ke platform tak khaded aati hain
Tab Main khud ko Tanhaa bahut hi pata hoon
Chun kar kirchiyan apne khwabon ki
Larazta hoon, saham saham jataa hoon
Trains aati hain, Guzar jaaati hain
Sochta hoon,
Kahan jaoon, pahunchon kidhar ko main?
Koi khidki , Na darwaza koi intezar main hai
Na koi Har aahat Pe Meri  kaan dhare
TV ke saamne hai, magar dekhtaa nahi
Aur  na hi koi mere poorani Tasveeren
Dekh raha hai, Mujhe soch raha hai

Ye shahr HAMARA nahi jahan  main rehtaa hoon
Isi liye to yu Tanhiayyan main Sehtaa hoon.

(Bad-Gumaniyan = Misunderstands)
(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shafiq Ur Rehman...

Its not many time life gives you an opportunity to look at yourself, recognize the patterns of behavior and understand the driving forces in making you what you are today.

Everyone will have a many folks who influenced them. In case of guys the list begins with Dad and then extends to movie or sports idols or authors, neighbors and friends. Since I grew up away from Mom and Dad, I found books and authors to be my guides and influences. One such author was Shafiq Ur Rehman. 

Like his contemporaries in the 40's, Sahir Ludhyanvi and others he too wrote and published books while still in college. His books too were lapped up by the masses. He too enjoyed phenomenal success like that of Sahir Ludhyanvi when he published Talkhiyan.

I remember my english teacher giving me a copy of "Himaqaten" when I was in VIII standard. Himaqaten is full of humor and deals with the trials, turbulation  and innocence of teenage years. Shafiq Saab dealt with those topics that every teenages (including some grown ups) are dealing with even today.

In one story Moody Jones, his friend heard saying to his girl friends that  " That was my life stories, If you don't like any, let me know and I am willing to live them again"!!

In another instance he tells a shortest story." A boy asked a gal to marry, she refused and then they lived happy ever after"!!

And he talks about best years in a woman's life " Aurat ki zindagi ke behatreen 10 saal 20 baras se, 25 baras tak hain!"

I did not have a father figure at home so Shafiq Saab became a friend philospher and guide. I became so attached to all of his books that, years later when I went to US for further studies I carreid all of his books with me. And yes I read them whenevr I felt lonely and not understood in a foreign land. Shafiq Saab always lend his helping hand like a life long companion - he still does.

For example:

-Like pratogoinst of his stories I too was good with words and as a result became somewhat popular with girls

-Like his pratagonsit I too wanted to be loved MORE. And to my surprise sometime this worked out just fine.

- His stories are often based on a hill station where you will come across Civil Engineers building dams and bridges.  No prize for guessing that I decided to be a Civil Engineer.

- Protagonist of his stories found themselves lonely at the end of the day.  I too feel comfortable with being alone for days and years without a major complain - only condition I be in a natural environment with lakes, mountains, stars and winds for company. I too love the permanency that mother nature offers over human beings.

- Like the protagonist of his stories my best memories happened when I became a frequent traveler. Travelling alone with no itenaray is still my obsession. Jumod of staying in one place and decaying scares me.

- I belive that the most successful film of all time "Sholay" has a cntribution from Shafiq Saab too. In one of his stories written in 1948 called " Himaqaten" a friend of the hero tosses a coin every time to decide the dancing partners. Later the hero learns that the coin that Moody, his friend was tossing had same sides to it. Only Salim Saab and Javed Saab can enlighten us as to how they got the idea to have Amitabh Bacchan toss the coin in Sholay,  which made Sholay a great script. I will not be surprised to know that it was that story of Shafiq Saab that gave them the idea.

I always wondered as to what happened to him and whether he was alive. No information was found anywhere for years, untill google search showed up with a wikipedia entry.

It is so sad to know that he died grief stricken a broken man in Pakistan. The man who made millions laugh with joy and comforted millions of youths carried so much burden to his grave. I wonder why he did not write anything for 25 years.

Shafiq Saab you will always be missed and you will be alive in the hearts of your readres  for centuries to come. May Allah offer you the highest place in heaven.....adios!

ps: He is the ONLY author in the world who copyrighted all his books to his readers - yes copyrighted. It means you can publish, copy as many books you want and make money of his creativity - legally.

PPS: I still have one item left from his list to do, walking in a suit while it rains.

Rainy season is still upon us....if you see a good looking man walking suited in rain. Just smile and say Hi.

Its only one life after all is said and done!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Har Zakham Bhaar Detaa Hai
Khwah Kitne Ghere Kiyoon Na Hon
Tab Hi to 
Sath Jeene Aur Marne ki Qasame 
Khaane Wale Bhi 
Ek Doose ke Bagair Bhi Jee Lete hain
Pooane Rishte Zahan ki Kisi Almari main pade
Yaadon ki Dhool Main Dab Jaate hain
Log Sab Bhool Jaate hain
Is Baar Lekin
Waqt Ke Sath
Main Sirf Khud Ko Hi Bhool Payaa Hoon
Tum.....Hurf Ba Hurf
Yaad Ho Ab Tak

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 22-6-12 @ 12:45 am

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 3rd 2012

Jab tum Aayin Nahi thin
Tab bhi to tum Majud thin....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ek Pooranaa Album...

Aaj bhi Tum se Mulaqaat Hui Jati hai
Kisi Poorane Album main, 
Kisi Tasveer Ke Peeche Se Tum
Wohi Adayen, Muskurahten Liye Aati ho
Kabhi Poorane Kaghzon ke Bundle Se
Tum Koi Shikyat, Koi Hikayat Sunaye Jaati Ho
Kabhi Kisi Diary Ke Panne se Nikal 
Elaan-e-Mahobbat Karti ho
Khush Ho Jati ho
Aaj Bhi Tum se Mulaqaat Hui Jaati hai
Pehle Jo Ho Na Saki 
Woh Baat Hui Jaati hai

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 11-06-12

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Aaj ki raat...

Shahi, Sheenu, Sheen aur Aye - Janaab....
Wohi Naam ...
Jo Tum Ne Mere Piyar ki khatir Rakhe
Ab Dil ke Aasman Par
Sitare Ban Jagmagate hain
Jab main Unhen Dekh Muskurataa hoon
Woh Ye Jaan Jaate hain
Ke Unhen Bhi Aaj Bahut Der Tak Jalnaa Hoga
Aaj Ki Raat Bahut Mushkil se Kategi...

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 07-06-12 @ 2am

Monday, May 28, 2012

Why do I write?

I have been wanting to write this post for sometime now, but never got around to it, as I was busy writing a script of  a full length feature.

As one of my rationalist friends cautioned that I might be falling into the Sudhir Kakar's  "Dev D" trap of first letting people go from my life, and then chasing them through their memories and other paraphernalia. Someone reading my last few poetry would draw the same conclusion. Someone went so far to warn me in not walling in this tub of self pity.

Here is my side of the story...

I am a writer  and a chronicler of times we live. I dont do it to glorify myself or it gives me some high. I dont get paid  to re-visit my past,  its part of my DNA. Its who I am.

For example, Its been 14 years but am still carrying the wailing sound of a  woman who was crying heart out on the road as she walked past me by the sea. I was standing there with a girl friend watching the sun go down. To this day, I dont remember anything that girl friend said or what we discussed, but I am still carrying that fleeting moment of someone's wailing sound. I still think about that woman like who was she?, what had happened to her? Why was she crying so uncontrollably on a busy sea side road? Where is she now? Alive or dead? Who made her cry?

As I grow old and wiser, my subjects grow as well and so my thoughts about them keep changing. I dont let go of them....they walk with me.

I can offer many more examples from my encounters with people even for a short amount of time. Folks dont notice, but I take away a lot from my encounters with them. Its part of the deal.

I am not alone in this, I think all artistes think alike, be it painters, actors or poets. We care for others deeply irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religion, nationality or sexual origination. We enjoy people. We identify with their moments of success, failure, tragedy and euphoria.

So, friends, relax! There is no cause for an alarm. I have a lot of times at hands these days.

Thats all!!

PS: The above pictures is from the outside gate of Rani Jhansi's Fort in Jhansi, Uttar Pardesh. This jebroni was selling his goods in 36 degree heat. From I could gather, his total inventory cost must be around Rs 500. How much you think he earns per day? Do you agree that he must be having a family to feed? Where does he go for lunch? What about going to the bathroom and other needs?

While other visitors to the fort might have taken other scenes worth recording, in my mind this was the moment of reckoning. Compare this jebroni's day earning of Rs 50 to the earnings of  intelligent folks at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Compare his intention of keeping his family safe and healthy with those that brought the great depression and bunch of unnecessary wars on us. While he gets no mention anywhere for running this simple business, others hog lime lights of NY Times and Wall Street Journals for squandering the wealth of millions of shareholders, for looting pensioners out of their retirement get the idea!

The world is a terrible place at times, in spite of having some great minds on earth. Why? Because those great minds dont feel for others. The day we start "feeling what other fellow travelers" going through,  the wars would end, bombs would stop dropping on innocnet women and children in the middle of the night, justice would prevail and someone higher up would start smiling at his own creation.

We will get there one day, Inshallah!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Un dino...

Aaj kal Offfice Se Wapsi Par
Main Seedha Ghar Nahi Aata..
Kabhi koi film 
Ya Samandar ke Kinare baith
Mahobbat karne walon ko dekhta hoon
Jo Doobte Suraj ko Naye Rang Dete hain
Ya phir Kisi Park Main Jaa kar
Bacchon ke Kehkhe Sun Muskurataa hoon
Kabhi Kisi Bazar ki Chahal Pehal main
Khud ko Bhi bhool Jataa hoon
Ya Kisi Veeran Raaste Par
Khoob Chlataa hoon 
Aur Chaltaa hi Chalaa Jataa hoon

Aaj Kal office Se Wapsi par
Main Seedha Ghar Nahi aataa

Un Dino Office Se 
Main Seedha Ghar Hi Aata tha
Jin Dino 
Tum Mera Intezaar karti thin....

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 23-03-12

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Aur Jab Tum Mere Seene pe Sar Rakh Kar
Soti Aankhon ke, Jaaggte Khwaabon ka Mazaa Leti Thin
Tab main Tumhen Dekh Ye Sochtaa tha
Is Ke Pehle Ye Lamhe Bhi Kahin Kho Jayen
Inhen Apne Wajood Main Samet Loon 
To Behtar hai....

Ab Jab ke Mere Bistar Pe
Din Ki Thakan aur Raat ki Silwaton ke Siwa 
Kuch nahi Hota
Main Un Lamhon ko Seene Pe Sula Detaa Hoon
Is trah Apni Be-Nighahii, Apni Be-Khwaabi 
ka Mazaa Letaa hoon!!

(c) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 20-05-12@ 3:00 am

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tanha Ye Safar
Zulmaat ka ye Qarb
Itna Rayegan bhi nahi
Yahan bhi
Hamesha ki Trah
Tum jo Sath ho

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 26-4-12 @ 12:30 am

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tanhaa Shaam aur Dhalte Saaye...

Tanhaa Shaam Aur Ye Dhalte Saaye
Kiya Ye Bhi Zindagi Guzaar Aaye ?

Har Mausam Hum se Rehta hai Khafa
Woh Aayen to Phir Ab Bahaar Aaye

Kayee Log Aaye, Gaye Zindagi main
Chaha Jise , woh bhi Ek Baar Aaye

Ye Na Kehnaa ke Hamen Awaaz na Di
Har Gali, Har Mod Tumhen Pukar Aaye

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 20-4-12 @ 1 am

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ration Card...

Ghar ke Ration Card par Tumhara Naam dekha
Use bhi Doosre Un Namo ki Trah
 Kaat diya gya tha
Jo Ab Sath Nahi Rahe..
Yani, Tumhare Hisse Ka Anaaj bhi ab
Mujh Tak Nahi Aata

Ek Zamana woh bhi tha jab
Tum Kacchi Pakki Rotiyan Bana kar
Jale Hue Hisse Khud Khaa kar
Mujhe Behla Liya karti thin
Aaj Tumhare Naam ka Rizq bhi
Tumhari Yaadon ki trah
Mujh pe Haraam hai

Go Waqt ne Hamare Tallouk Rok diye 
Par ye bhi Sach hai
Un Kacche Pakke Luqmon se
 Jo Khoon Bana tha
Jism main Mere wohi Rawan hai
Dil ki Sharyano main Raqs hai Jaari 
Zahan ke Gheriyon se Wohi Ayaan hai

Jis din Main Tumhare Hathon ki
 Adh Jali Rotiyon ka Zaiqa Bhool Jaoonga
Us din Ye Dil Ruk Jayega
  Daudta Khoon Tham Jayega...
Tab Main bhi Wahin Kahin so jaoongaa!

(c) Shahid Parvez Sayed, 11-4-12, Mumbai

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Har Manzar Tumhen Talash karta hai...

Doobta suraj aur ghar laut-te parindon ki qatar
Sard Hawa, Khamoshi, Aam ke woh Baug
Imli ke ped main uljha hua sa chaand
Jungle ke raston main kuch shoukh rang ke phool
Barsaat ki Phuwaren aur Bheegne ki woh zidd

Har Manzar ab jo milta hai
Woh tumhen talash karta hai
Aur ye swaal kartaa hai
Ke Ab tum saath kiyoon nahi aati?
Kiya kar rahi ho? Kahan Masroof ho tum?
Ya agar main Tanha ho chuka hoon to phir 
Har Martaba kis talash yahan aataa hoon?
Aur Kiya soch laut jataa hoon?

(C) Shahid  Parvez Sayed, April 5th, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tumhare Gham ki dali utha kar
Zuban pe rakh li hai dekho main ne
Ye Qatra Qatra pighal rahi hai
Main Qatra Qatra hi Jee raha hoon

Monday, February 06, 2012

Itna Hi Sath tha....

Jaise Jaise Waqt
Tumhari kahi hui baton aur andeshon ko
Sach Saabit kar raha hai
waise hi main
Tumhari Dosti, Wafa, aur Zamana-Shanasi ka
Qaail ho raha hoon
Aur Zehni Faasle Kam ho rahe hain

Magar Ye Dil to phir bhi door rahenege
Hazaron Meel aur Kayi Sadiyan Darmiyan
Aur ek din
Ek dil watan, apno se door, Tanhaa
Kisi Qabar main Utara Diya Jayegaa
Doosra Yahin watan main,
Apno se Qareeb, Par Tanhaa
Dafan hoga
Tumhari Ye fikr bhi
Aakhir Sach Saabit hogi

Aur jab woh waqt aaye to Rona nahi
Ye Tasalli Dena apne aap ko ke
Hamara Saath Tweel na sahi
Jitna bhi tha... Khoob tha
Aur main bade Itmenan se gaya hoon!!

(c) Shahid Parvez Sayed

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waqt ne kiya, kiya Haseen Sitam

Tum rehe na Tum, Hum rahe na Hum...(Kaifi Azmi)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Jantaa hoon
Hamara Bichad Janaa hi
Ab Meri Zndagi ki 
ek Zinda Haqeeqat hai
Baqi Ye Sab khwaab sa Kiyoon hai?
Mitne ka Ehsaas Sa Kiyoon hai?

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed