Monday, October 30, 2017

There are no Others...

I was half an hour behind that Church Gate local train that ran over the platform a few yeas ago. Shocked at the incident, I took a few pictures of it, went home and showed it to Maa.

"Anyone hurt?" - She asked.

No. All ok.

Then she did the usual. She started praying for everyone.

' Oh God, please save everyone's child and then save my child too ( Ya Allah Sab ke Bacchon ki Hifazat kar aur un ke Sadke main Mere Bacche ki Hifazat Kar)

I had heard these or similar words a million times before. This time I wanted to mess with her.

'Maa, Golden hour after an accident is important. I needed to be saved first!'.

'Arre, dont you know how to pray?U have forgotten Shahid? U always pray for others first!'

That was my Maa.

I have YET to meet a mother, who thinks and prays that in the case of a calamity 'other peoples' children needed to be given priority over her own child.

For Maa, there were no 'Others'.

President Carter is another name that comes to mind who believes that there are no 'others'.

Another interesting story about 'others' involves Maharishi Ramana.

Someone asked Maharsihi 'How to treat others?"

'There are no others' he said.

When you meet and interact with people that love Carter and Maharishi Ramana you will see what I mean.

Point is: people like Carter, Maharishi Ramana needed to be kept alive. These are not some individuals but the benchmarks of Humanity.

My Maa too needed to be kept alive for the same reason.

I will do that.

By all means necessary!

God Willing!
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