Thursday, October 29, 2015


Its Dona's birthday today!

For me, Atlanta winter used to begin with her birthday. Every time I wud have dinner with her on this day, we wud talk about winter setting in. I love winters...specially lonley cold winters....they unleash a new world for me.

I loved going out for dinners with her. Flowers in hand I wud show up at her house in the evening. She wud appreciate the flowers first and then wud ask where wud I like go for dinner? Everytime my answer wud be the same " doesn matter, anywhere", but she wud always chose a restaurant that I liked the most.

Thus used to begin my memorable evenings covering all kinds of personal, professional, political and family issues. I wud make her laugh with my stupid comments on issues.  She wud burst out with laughter at my keen sense of observations!

Life is multiple times meaningful as we grow old with friends that love you unconditionally. Nature has been kind to me in bringing these folks in my life!

I miss her today as there is so many issues I need to discuss with many webs to untangle....

PS: On my birthday, she stood for hours at a book store to gift me a signed copy of President Jimmy Carter's autobiography. No one has done this gesture for me....nor anyone else will.....she is special!!

Akbar, the lesser great...

Apparently, Akbar "the lesser great" minted coins with images of Lord Ram and Sita!! ( If I am not mistaken, there is an Akbar Mint at Fathepur Sikri, right below Dargha of Salim Chisti. May be these coins were minted there...)

Imagine a bunch of Mullahs visiting ancient books to pickup images and then seeking approval of Akbar.....they even kept the crown of Lord Ram on his head....thats so cool...

I find the images and calligraphy awesome! (But that's just me!!)