Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anxiety and film....

The night my editor gave me the final copy of my film " Doosra Kinara", I have been having this continous headach and my stress level is very high. I kept looking reasons for this sudden chnage in my health but could not find one.

And finally it dawned on me that it has to do with my film. Now that it is ready for release, I am anxious about its reception. Even though there is not much money riding on it, I am freaking out about how well it will be recieved. We all worked hard on it. It has a good philosphical, almost nostalgic look at life with a great song from Bhupinder ji. The music is awesome. It was a dream come ture to have Bhupiner Ji sing a song written by me. I have been his fan all my life, and here he was singing my words and couldn't ask for a better debut than this.

A friend from Georgia Tech days, who is a well known director and a trail blazer in Bollywood, has asked me to mail him the DVD. I did, and now my anxiety has increased.

Aye Zindagi gale laga le
Hum ne bhi tere har gham ko
Gale se lagaya hai - hai na?

(Above is Kristi Hutchinson, she plays the female lead in Doosra Kinara.)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random thoughts ....

- I wonder if we have had the same amount of " shock and awe" campaign in Iraq, if Baghdad had BPOs and offices of MNCs.

- Why these secretrian killings do not involve women and children in Iraq? For the last three a half years we have been reading news reports of hundreds of men between the age of 20 -40 picked up, tortured and killed. Why are these sworn enemies ( shites and sunnis) sparing each others women and children?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Injustice !

Injustice "anywhere" in the World is the threat to justice " everywhere" in the World...

I wish I can drill these words of Mrtin Luther King Jr. into the heads of 6.3 Billion people of the World.

Thats all ---

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dhande ka Shahr...

Yeah, this is exactly how I would describe the City of Atlanta today - atleast for the Indian community.

They are hoiding a film festival called Atlanta Indo American Film Festival ( At the opening night they brought in Nagesh's Dor and had him for Q & A. More then one third of the hall was empty.

Last night at the screenings of films at Emory, the turn out was only those of that are part of the film Almost no one else showed up for a this free event.

I think a decent town must have a place of worship, a library and an arts center - everything else from police station to water tretment plant and transportation infrastcture should be optional.

When I was auditioning folks for my film, I had a traumatic time finding the right talent. That was two years ago and now with this expereince I feel Atlanta is a commerce town which means " Dhande ka shahr " in Hindi, and I stand by every image this words brings in.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

punishment ...

Some roads though beautifull lead to nowhere ...
you still have to go through them many times a day
Knowing fully well that it is a waste - every minute of it
Civilzed punishments can take many forms !!!