Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dhande ka Shahr...

Yeah, this is exactly how I would describe the City of Atlanta today - atleast for the Indian community.

They are hoiding a film festival called Atlanta Indo American Film Festival ( At the opening night they brought in Nagesh's Dor and had him for Q & A. More then one third of the hall was empty.

Last night at the screenings of films at Emory, the turn out was only those of that are part of the film Almost no one else showed up for a this free event.

I think a decent town must have a place of worship, a library and an arts center - everything else from police station to water tretment plant and transportation infrastcture should be optional.

When I was auditioning folks for my film, I had a traumatic time finding the right talent. That was two years ago and now with this expereince I feel Atlanta is a commerce town which means " Dhande ka shahr " in Hindi, and I stand by every image this words brings in.


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Jyoti said...

ismein ek hindustani dil bola!! Atlanta mein ajmer sharif ki parchaiyan dhoodh rahe the aap???