Thursday, October 25, 2007

The guy from Boston...

Mullah found another gem. Check this out.

I apologize for the "F" bombs this guy is going to drop, but if you ignore those and stay on the message - you are in for a f****g shock of your life!

I wonder if the Gates and Buffets of the World would thru in a few million dollars to these guys to come up with this kind of a video for all the countries represented by the UN.

Let some one present the facts to the masses about these so called leaders of the World and let the "informed population" decide who they want their representatives to be?. If they still chose these kinds of criminals, then they deserve to rot in a globally warmed, ubscrouplous, and corrupt to the LAST barrel of the oil world...

We owe it to our future generations folks.....

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Show did go on....

jo aankh hi sa na tapka to phir lahoo kiya hai?

The much anticipated Premiere is history now and its time to move on. However I do want to share a few moments that I found interesting.

I have had this feeling right from the very first take of Doosra Kinara, that while I am making it - someone is un-making it. I could not get a handle on who it was, but I saw things and programs messing up for no apparent reasons.

Well, whoever that was showed up with some conviction 10 days before the Premier threatening me with a law-suite and demanding that I remove a few scenes of a particular actor ...Else courts awaits me! If I were to take out those scenes that would be nothing substantial to show to the audiences. I did my home work and realized that I have not violated any one's rights and that court would agree with me. I chose not to inform anyone on the cast and crew about this development and went about my business as usual.

That person realizing that I am not taking the bait, approached actors and crew with more allegations asking them to join in a combine law-suite. The jebronis on my crew without informing me, hammered this fella left and right reminding him/her abut the stupidity of this outrageous idea.

I was deeply hurt and angry at the Premier thinking that this person is right here in this hall rubbing shoulders with my guests, smiling, congratulating me on a job well done, yet feeling sorry for not being able to stop the Premiere. I tried to look calm and happy but from time to time I would feel sad, the picture above is from one of those moments.

Absence of loyalty in people makes me nervous. My first reaction to such events is deep sorrow and lingering grief. Trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship - everything else is pure accident. You can teach some one things and affairs but you can never teach loyalty - either you have it in your blood or you don't....

Nita, who could sense my condition from a mile asked me to "act" as I have so many guests to take care. This is the only Premiere I am aware of where the Director was asked to "act"! After the Premier and dinner Rafiqi asked me to meet him at the "Package Store" at Scott Blvd. (Package Store = Daru ki dukaan). I thought "chalo director to ban gyaa hoon ab ye Rafiqi kiya daru chalu karwayega?". Thankfully he returned from the store with a pack of Marlboro lights 100s. Rafiqi knows that jab mera dil jalta hai to main cigarette jalata hoon......sometime we jalao it together!

Anyways, the best of the best moments was when someone whom I never met before, and who had excused citing prior commitment showed up. May God bless " ApnaManohar" that he took pictures of most of the guests, that I was able to spot someone who was hiding in the back rows.

As far as the show -stopper is concerned, I think he/she misjudged my love for story telling and the reasons behind telling a good story like Doosra Kinara. I am not in it for bread and butter or name - "us ke liye purkhon ki ...." as Thakur said in Sholay. The first story that I wrote was against dowry system in India. The motivation for it came from a dead woman at a Morgue in JJ Hospital in Bombay.

I was in class X. A relative was studying medicine at JJ Hospital. He was showing me the morgue and how the post- mortem were done and I saw this pretty woman waiting to be opened up to find the cause of death. Silly doctors did not know that the causes of her suicide were not inside her body but outside in society. I have vivid memories of her face and her beautiful eyes that were left open (appearntly after the suicide fearing a police case no one in her family dared to close her eyes!) - staring at the opened door as if waiting for someone to show up........she was my first character, she was my first story!

The last story that I would like to write or the last film that I make will be against some social issue of the day. At least this is what I hope....

This is how it is the film lane....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Premiere through the lens of a Camera...2

From top:
- Rafiqi looking for a good pose....
- Sandhya, Giri and Gandharv...
- My all time supporters Shweta and Shuchi...
- That was Rafiq's idea.....( FYI: the guy in the poster is Rafiqi himself. He was a regular at the gym and I thought let me put his body to some good use!!)
- Nita, smiling as always...
- Apurva, a perfect showman....

Thats all folks - See you at the next Premier....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Premiere through the lens of a Camera...

1: We had a good time and hope to attend the premier for Tarkash soon....(Huma.Z.)

2: You have done great job in the short film Dusra Kinara,Your voice is just awesome,I love it. I am really impressed with your work, I think TARKASH will be a great project to begin with.

May lord give you lots of success in your every project.

3: Great Job Shahid ! We all enjoyed it very much - Dan Pass and Family.

4: Great effort, best luck - Nilesh Sharma

5: It was good film, at one point I got so emotional... Gaurav B.

6: Congratulation! It is a wonderful film...N @ Emory University

7: Shahid Saheb, Great effort! Please keep me posted of your future projects - Jalal Z.

8: Great Job ! - Pramila C.

9: Great Achievement! Keep up the good work. - Atal M

10: It was a great time. Your effort touched many hearts. Your effort was genuine and so was the reply. You have developed a good team. BEST OF LUCK.
K. Kumar

11: It was an awesome effort given budget and other constraints. You have many talents - just improve on selection of actors, crew and you would go places!
(Jane - Mullah's Brunette date)

12: What film?.....I was too busy enjoying your silky voice to notice anything else. Show me again....! - ( :)...)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eid and Premiere...

Dear Shahid Ji,

We would like to congratulate you on Premier of your film Doosra Kinara. It is great effort, and a very successful one, is evident from the end product. Seeing the movie today I felt "aap ne hum draskao ki pyas bada di hai".

After seeing the trailer of your TALENT we will eagerly wait for full length feature film from you. Special mention for the dialogues, lyrics and music of Doosra Kinara. They were all super.

Bravo to Mr. Apoorva for providing such a great music ... which I think is integral part of any good movie. Editing was very sleek and so was camerawork and direction.

Though, as always with any good product/movie, there were some area which needs improvement.

Congrats once again to you and your team and looking forward to seeing many more excellent peace of work from your factory.

Always Laughter,

ps: Its 3 am and I just got home after having the Premier and hanging out with the team in Decatur area. I found this email from AD who attended the event. It made my night. Incidently I had auditioned AD several times but finally gave that role to Ahmad. I am surprised to recieve this email from him - He is a good man with a big heart.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nikle Jala ke Apna Ghar...

Hum bhi Kabhi Aabad the
Aise Kahan Barbaad the?
Be-Fikr the Azaad the
Masroor the Dil-Shaad the

Who Chaal Aisi Chal Gyaa
Hum Bujh Gaye Dil Jal Gaya
Nikle Jalaa ke Apna Ghar
Main aur Meri Awaargi….

Phirte hain kab se dar badar
Ab Is Nagar, Ab US Nagar
Ek Doosre ke Humsfar …
Main aur Meri Awaargi….

(Javed Akhtar - Tarkash)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Doosra Kinara To Premier...

We are ready to start a new journey of telling stories and informating people. A journey of standing up for the underdog, a journey to bring out nothing but the truth ....a journey to laugh, cry, celebrate the uniqueness and similarity of human race...

Doosra Kinara will have the World Premier here in Atlanta on Saturday October 13, 2007 at White Hall of Emory University...Be there!

Someone asked “ aur tum apne rab ki kin kin nematon se inkaar karoge?”……God, I am going to be so nervous on this Eid day...