Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Climbing up and other secrets...

Who's idea was it?
I asked that question on the 8th.

Mullah Luis responded on the 10th

Why man?
Because by walking up the 27 story we could burn 250 calories in 10 minutes which takes 45 minutes running on a treadmil. Also the effect of gravity lessens  as we walk up making it easy....

But we get less oxygen as we go up putting more pressure on heart, one engineer responded.

Ever since Mullah's FPN left him for a jail bird he has become body conscious. He joined  the Georgia Tech gym for a month, dropped out due to non availability of time  and now came up with this idea of hiking 540 steps of our office building twice a day.  He says that anyone  in jail can build a good physique, as all you are required to do is eat healthy food , play and sleep. Apparently that guy knows how to use his time well by exercising, which will pay dividends when he gets out of jail.

Me: Whom are you trying to impress now that she is gone?
Mullah: Plaintiff number 2.....the next one....

Mullah now lovingly calls his ex wife,  the plaintiff number 1. 

So, this has become our ritual now a days. We walk up 27 stories,  twice a day. I don't go for the second round, as I am not over weight and see no competition to my domains from a jail or any other bird. 

Friends can make any idiotic activity fun. We meet at 10 sharp in the lobby and climb 540 storeys with regular stops on 10, 16,  and 22nd floor. Mullah reminds us every day that he is looking for a day when he will be able to walk 27 story without taking a break.

This mundane activity taught me two important lessons of life. The first one is, after 11 story, height and number of steps to climb don't matter.  The second lesson makes it clear that, it is tough to GO DOWN after CLIMBING UP. The leg muscles get so worked up after climbing that going down even a single step becomes a "painful" task.... 

Oh well...

PS: For lunch, Mullah orders a quarter pounder with extra cheese and large fries.  And since he is calorie conscious now,  he never forgets to order large diet coke for drink.

....but that  is another story!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Till Jefferson County do us apart...

Mullah Luis filed for divorce in the Jefferson Counry superior court last week. 

It was filed as a " no fault" divorce. No fault divorce has its origins in the Russian Revolution of 1917. It found its way to the US when President Reagan signed the family Act of 1969, enabling couples to separate in civilized manner citing only irreconcilable differences as the main cause.

I was concerned about his well being, anticipated him breaking down and upset for some time. I kept in touch with him, but to my surprise found him to be in a better frame of mind. I asked him why is he not upset, to which he responded" Marriages end long before they are certified dead on arrival in the County court. My marriage ended long time ago, and what I did was just a formalization of that event". 

It is funny thing about life as you don't know when you fall in love with someone but you do know the exact moment when you fell out of it....

I don't want to judge the reasons for Mulah's FPN to leave him for a "jail bird". I wanted to talk to her but Mullah requested that he does not want any mediation and he is done with the marriage.

So the question is when should a man / woman try to save marriage?

Mullah says the time to save marriage is when you are "really" married. Anything past that, is an exercise in futility. Trying to save a marriage after it ended in ones heart is a selfish act of maximizing profits and cutting losses.

What is bothering Mullah these days, is the fact that she is turning over all the symbols and memories from the past for him to handle. Mullah is more angry about Oscar and Kathy, her dogs, that she is leaving for Mullah to put up for adoption. 

Mullah thinks that she does not want to take this decision of getting rid of dogs by herself, so she is passing her guilt to him. Now, Mullah would have to get over a failed marriage as well as take the decision to put dogs for adoption... 

Apna Manohar Parsaad Yadav too recalled how his ex girl friend returned all his letters and photographs, before she embarked on her journey with a new man. She too passed her guilt for him to handle.....alone!

This is how it is in the life lane....