Friday, October 05, 2018

Yes, You can...

Those days my office used to be bang opposite the State Capitol. Walking past the building I would often wonder how would it be to see it from inside. The place where Tom Murphy was the longest running Speaker and Jimmy Carter took his baby steps in politics.
So,  on of  my lunch breaks, I decided to visit the house.  I went up the stairs and saw a door leading into the house. The house was not in session and not many people were around. I saw a cop guarding the entrance to the house. I was not sure if he would allow me to go in, so I hesitated. Noticing my hesitation, he signalled to me ‘ Yeah, you can go in to Look around. But please don’t sit on the chair’.
I went in. Walked halfway thru the house and stood there in the aisle for a few minutes. However, In my mind I saw the house in session. I saw Tom Murphy, Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn, Newt Gingrich and Sunny Purdue taking care of business. Them,  writing and debating legislations that would help the common man for generations to come.
After taking it all in I walked back. As I was about to exit the Chamber I made a comment to the cop. The response that he gave me still rings in my ear.  Always will.
‘I can never sit on those chairs!’
‘Yes, Sure you can! All you have to do is go out and work for the people!’
He smiled and look straight into my eyes. I smiled back and shook his hand and thanked him.
Some random cop, planting a seed in the mind of a random jebroni about chasing political dreams. In the process making it all look so easy. ‘Yes, You can sit there if you go out and work for people’ -was the only condition.
Some unplanned random moments can be so powerful, so inspiring and so memorable. These moments don’t go away. They linger on for decades with the same freshness and beauty.
Life is all about collecting these moments and passing them on to others…

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