Sunday, March 20, 2016

Khul Jaa Sim Sim...

When I got there, the tea shop was already closed for the night. The staff was standing outside unwinding - chatting.
" Chai khareedni hai"
" Kal Subah 9 baje aayen....abhi to dukaan band ho gayi"
The manager wearing a skull cap and kurta pajama spoke in a matter of fact tone.
"Kal subah hi nahi hogi bhai"
"Kiya matlab?"
"Aap ki chai pee ke meri subah hoti hai......chai nahi hai ghar pe.....suabh kaise hogi?"
The manager, giving keys of the shop to one of his employees shouted
" Aye Dukaan khol"
I smiled. I got what I wanted, and was not surprised. Have done these kinds of acts a million times by now.
In one of the stories of " The Arabian Nights", the prince's path was blocked by a boulder on the mouth of a cave. He recites a mantra " Khul Jaa Sim Sim " and the boulder gives him room to go in and rescue the princess.
Vidyawaan of the world tell us it was not the mantra that opened the mouth of the cave, bu the " Lehjaa" ( the way to speak) that did it.
I could not agree more...
I can open any door, anywhere, any time in ANY country - even in my sleep with my "timing" and "Lehjaa". This magic comes only when one has a transparent heart, a sense of humor and who cares attitude to the outcome.
Despite this a few doors just wouldnt open....
Thats the irony my frnd....thats the fascinating irony!!

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