Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Ka Din...

Kitchen Main Tumhari Masroofiyat
Bhuni Hui Seewayaian
Sheer Khurma, Halwa, Shaami Kabab
Bagair Tel Ke Pake Hue Khane
Aur Jaane Kiya Kiya Lawazmaat

Eid Ke Din Bahut Yaad Aate Hain Sab
Yar Meri, In Main Se Kuch To Lauta Do?

Ya Phir Chodo Un Sab Ko
Woh Jo Safed Dupatte Main Lipti Hui 
Tumhari Muskurahaten Thi Na
Wohi Jo Mere Haseen Jumle Sun Kar 
Foran Chali Aati thin...
Wohi Lauta Do

Eid Ka Din Hai
Tumhare Allah Miyan Ne Jo Tohfe Main Diya Hai
Ye Mubarak Din
Kaate Nahi Kat Raha...

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, July 29th, 2014 @ 12:15pm

Thursday, July 24, 2014

KKT in the Media



Mere Achanak Yun Saamne Aane Par
Tumhen Kuch Nahi Kehna Tha
Tab Tumhari Aankhon Main 
Aaye Hue Chand Aansoo
Kiya Kehnca Chahte The?
Bas Ye Batla Do....

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, July 24th, 2014 @ 9:45 pm

Sunday, July 13, 2014


There is always a woman......

Ever since I read autobiography of K.A. Abbas, I kept searching for the picture of a woman in his life called "Mujji". I Googled many times, looked in the old book stores of Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal but nothing, not even a picture of hers showed up. I always wondered how she looked and what was so special about her that captivated Abbas's imagination.

Until today!!

Muji was Abba's girl friend ( wife as normal people call it) and a major source of inspiration for his work.

When Abbas brought Mujji home to Mumbai, she asked what he expects her to do? Abbas Said " just sit there and inspire me to write and make tea for me when you think I need it!"

Abbas wrote 73 books and many films including the first that made it to Cannes Film Festival. Read here and get a shocker as to who Abbas was:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0007815/

There union lasted a few years only. She died very young, of not a very complicated disease. Abbas being a principled man chose a government run hospital to treat his wife, in-spite of the fact that Mumbai's who's who knew him and he could afford a private hospital.

The night before she was to be operated at Mumbai's KEM hospital, Abbas asked her "what she wants before Dcotor sedate her? Mujji said "she wanted to see his handwriting in case she died in operation".

Abbas wrote a letter to her that night and gave her. She was holding that letter in her palm when Doctors sedated her took to the operation theater.

The operation was successful.....

she died during recovery!!

I am teary eyed as I write this....feel a joy of seeing so many pictures of Mujji but at the same time....re-living what pain she felt during those last days!

After her death Abbas wrote that "He knew that there can not be a woman who could replace Mujji and he will have to walk alone for the rest of life."

And alone he walked....for 45 years....never married......because there was no one who could take Mujji's place.

There is always a woman.....

Rest in Peace Mujji and Abbas!!

(For more on K A Abbas: http://www.abbaska.com/)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Na Tum Hi gila Karna....

Dil Ke Kisi Makaan Ka Darwaza Khula Rakhna...
Tanhaiyon Ke Shor Main, Wahin Mujh Se Mila Karna

Go Tamaam  Umr Kati Hai Ek Doosre Ko Rote
Na Main Gila Karoonga, Na Tum Hi Gila Karna!

Pahuncho Meri Qabar Pe, Tareekyan Jo Dekho
Ek Chiraag Jala Dena, Ab Kiya Reh Gaya Hai Karna?

Yaaden Meri Jo Aayen, Na Tum Udaas Hona
Pehle Bhi Wafa Ki Thi,  Thodi Aur Wafa Karna!

Tanhaiyon Ke shor main Wahin mujh se mila karna..

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, July 11th, 2014 @ 1:50 am

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Mere Pehlu Se Sarakti Hui
Sardiyon Ki Woh Raat
Neem Khwaab Aankhen, 
Tasbeeh, Rahal, Jaa Namaaz

Safed Dupatta, Wuzu, Qiblaa
Woh Mataanat, Woh Saadgi
Pakeezgi Ka Woh Ehsaas...

Hadees Ki Kitaben, Quran
Internet Ki Azaan aur Phir
Sadqa, Fitra Ka Woh Hisaab

Mere Ird Gird Mandraana
Qareeb Aana, Ithlana, Aur
Phir Rakhna Apne Allah Ke
Ekhkaam Ka Bhi Paas

Aye Yaar Meri, Tum Ujlat Main 
Kiya Kiya Le Gayi Ho Apne Sath?

Ho Sake To Apne Allah Ke
Ehkaam Ka Paas Hi Rakhne 
Ek Baar Chali Aana....

Ek Roza Hum Bhi Rakh Lenge!!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, July 7th, 2014 at 2:00 am, India

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Iftaar _ aaj kal

Padosiyon Ke Gharon Se
Nikalti Hui Khusboo Ki Lapeten
Chand Shokh Chudion Ki Khankhanahat
Bartano Ke Takrane Ki Awazen
Daal Bagharne Ka Chanaka
Mixer Ki Who Awaaz
Tumhare Ek Ke Na Hone se
Dekho Kiya Kiya Nahi Hai is ghar main

Duniya Nahi Hai IS Ghar main!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day...

My day began by reading awesome heartfelt messages from dutiful daughters to their fathers on FB. I enjoyed reading those messages fromJyothe RaoTripti DwivediZsofia PrakrritiAnuraag MisrarajDeepti Pantand many others fellow travelers.

My day ended with the message below:

"Happy Fathers day Dad. Thanks for being with me when I needed you. I love you Dad!"

I can explain...

The writer of that message is 24 years old now. She is a convent educated graduate in Psychology and a practicing professional in that field. The period she is referring to by saying " standing with me " happened some 20 years ago.

I vividly remember, when a friend of mine had mentioned this family that needed my help in a certain way. I was not ready for it. I was FOB from USA ( Fresh of the boat that is..LOL) and my moral compass had no margin of errors. I refused to give that help on the grounds of ethics and morality. Also there was an untimely death in the family. We were devastated.

The night we recited Quran ( Quran Khwaani), this friend informed me about the favor, which I had refused. This time he said that "family is here, why don't you meet them? I was like "NO WAY...its wrong and un-ethical and I won't do it"....My friend pointing his finger behind me said " oh they are here".

I turned to see a man and a woman with this 4 year old girl. They said salaam and as a courtesy I went towards them. The cute girl was standing between mom and dad. I bent down to touch her chin and asked her name.....she responded with a big smile.....and that innocent cute smile blew away all the principals of ethics and morality in a hurry. When I stood up, I told them " Okay, I will do it!"

That night she called me "Dad" for the first time....Next morning, I did whatever was expected of me ....all went well. Everyone was happy and there was celebration!!

I went back to the US and lost touch with them except for an occasional calls here n there. Wahtsapp connected us again....and this message showed up on my whatsapp!

Still enjoying it.....

ps: When kids grow up they become best friends, so I promoted her to a friend and asked her to join me on FB. She calls me dad on FB....you will recognize her!

She is my daughter!!