Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kaanch Ke Tukde - Teaser 2

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Barfeele Din....

Aur Jab Main Is Ajnabi Shahr Main
Khud Ko Behlaa Behla aKar 
Thak Jataa Hon
Toot Jaataa Hoon
To Phir 
Usi Shahr - e Maazi Ki Jaanib Laut Jataa Hoon
Jahan Aaj Bhi Tum
Baraf Se Dhake Hue Din Main
Mera T-Shirt Pehan Kar
Geele Kapde Sukahe Ke Liye
Gallery Main Aa Jaati Ho
Aur Phir Apni Masoomiyat Par
Khoob Hansti Ho
Mujh Pe Marti Ho!!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, January 17th, 2015 @ 12:30pm

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mall of Georgia

Yaaron ne jise bhi mahobbat ki nigha se dekha woh Haseen Ho gya aur Adayen Seekh gyaa....LOL
I think women in a long skirt look awesome.... "Dukhiya" did most of the things right.....:)))

 — at Mall of Georgia.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Naya Saal 2015

Saal Naya Hoga, Gham To Wohi Poorane Honge
Tum Se Milne Ke Liye Aur Kitne Zamane Honge?

Dooriyan Badh Jayengi Dekho Hamare Darmiyan
Tum Wahin Hogi, Hum Hi Kahan Na-Jaane Honge?

Kitni Umeed Le Kar Aaya Tha, Kal Raat Rukhsat Hua
Phir Is Dil-e-Mazaar Pe Naye Chiraag Jalaane Honge!

Tum Wahin Hogi, Hum Hi Kahan, Na-Jaane Honge!!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, January 1st, 2015 @ 11:55 am

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kaanch Ke Tukde - First teaser is out...

ye sagar sheeshe, laal-o-guhar
saalim hon to qeemat paate hain
yun tukrde tukrde hon to faqat
chubhte hain, lahoo rulwaate hain - Faiz

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sharab Peena Haram Hai....Lekin...

Sharab Peena Haram Hai......Lekin main ne to.....

Back in the days, on my way back from ATL, I decided to take a Parisian detour and stopped in the city of art and love for a few days.

Paris! Ah Paris......Its a gold mine for an artiste of all hue n colors. Paris is young, Paris is feminine and Paris is beautifully healthy. A few minutes of stroll by the river enough for you to fall in love with it.. There is no other option!

I landed in Mumbai and was trying to catch some sleep when I heard someone calling me out. It was Mirza on his bike. So I went down and he drove me to our usual adda at Nariman Point footpath. I was still sleepy and after a usual talk I wanted to sleep. I made myself comfortable on the bench and slept. Mirza, realizing my jet-leg situation allowed me to rest in peace.

After an hour or so when I woke up, I found Mirza reading a newspaper. He looked up and said

 " Yaar Ek Hafte Pehle  Tum US main the, Kal Shaam Tak Paris Main, Aur ab  Footpath Pe So Rahe Ho!"

"Kiya Farak Padta Hai? Arsh Ho Ya Farsh Neend Aani Chaiyye. Baki Sab Semantics Hai!"

I had something else on my mind to discuss with Mirza, so I told him I want to confess something. He put down the paper and look at quizzically.

" Yaar Mirza, Main Ne Galti Se Paris Main Sharab Khayi Hai!"

Mirza bent down to "smell" me for sharab.

"To Beta Ab Tum Ne Sharab Peena Chalu kar Di?"

" Yaar Main Sharab Nahi Peeta.....Main ne Sharab Khaayi Hai Paris Main"

"Sharab Haram Hai......Tumhen Malom Tha Na?"

"Sharab Peena Haram Hai......Lekin Main Ne To Sharab Khayi Hai!"


I told him the whole story about one of the days when I got my "free hugs" outside Amsterdam Church I felt hungry for "more", so I went to eat at the nearest cafe by the river.

I could not read the menu as it was all in French. I signaled a waiter and told him that "No Pork for me".  I chose one good looking dish and and inquired if it was pork. The waiter realizing my concern made sounds of chicken crowing "Kukdu Koo". I said Yes thats what I want!!

Thats exactly what he got me. It was tasty - very tasty and delicious. I enjoyed every bite of it. But soon I started feeling a little "tipsy". My body has zero tolerance for lies and Nasha and a small amount of it is enough to make me feel weird. When I inquired from the waiter about the content of the chicken dish, the waiter pointed his finger at the bottle of Red Wine and told me in something in french. Apparently the chicken that I was served so nicely, was marinated all night in wine and spices and which made it more tasty.

"Mirza, Kiya Hum Logon Ko Mullah Ke Paas Jaa Ke Is Ka Hal Maloom Karna Chaiyye?"

" Yaar, Usually Mullah Murge Ke Khilaf Nahi Bolta, Woh Us Se MarOub Hota Hai. Mullah Tum Se Paris Ki Detail Lega aur Footage Khayega"

"Phir Kiya Karen?"

"Meri Mano To Jab Tum Agli Baar Kisi Jungle Main "Fabe Aiye Aala Rabbe Kuma Tukazzebaan" padh Rahe Ho Tab Tum Apne Allah Miya Se Maafi Maang Lena. Woh Raheem Hai...Maaf Kar Dega!"

Thats what I did next....

Its been a few years but even today Mirza brings up this story and reminds me how I slept on a footpath. Even today I tell him the same thing that in the grand scheme of things it does not matter where you sleep as long as you sleep. I am fortunate to have frnds that are like me only. We are not born to carry weight of unrealistic expectations of others. Why should I eat, sleep and carry my life in a way that suits your immature fancy?

A friend of mine once drove me in his brand new Mercez convertible at the speed of 150 MPH ( 230 KMPH) in Atlanta. In a few months he met me at Ville Parle station and from where we took local to Church Gate in sardine packed compartment.  Both of us did not compain about anything as we had no time .... we were busy cacthing up on each other and laughing away to glory!

Thats what gives me high.....thats my nashaa...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tumhari Tasveer

Tasveer Nikalwate Waqt
Tumhari Aankhon Main
Jis Shaks Ki 
Tasveer Saaf Nazar Aati Hai
Wohi Shaks
Tumhari Us Tasveer Ko
Jab Tnahiayon Main Dekhta Hai
Tab Woh Khud Bhi
Tasveer Sa Ho Jataa Hai!!

Is Trah Do Tasveeren
Ek Doosre Ko Dekh Rahi Hoti Hain
Guzrta Waqt
Sar Jhuka Kar
Tasveer-e - kham Ho Jataa Hai

Jab Tum In Lafzon Se Bani 
Is Tasveer Ko Jab Sochogi
Tum Khud Bhi To
Ek Tasveer Hi Ban Jaogi!!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, October 16th, 2014 @ 1:15am