Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tumhari Tasveer

Tasveer Nikalwate Waqt
Tumhari Aankhon Main
Jis Shaks Ki 
Tasveer Saaf Nazar Aati Hai
Wohi Shaks
Tumhari Us Tasveer Ko
Jab Tnahiayon Main Dekhta Hai
Tab Woh Khud Bhi
Tasveer Sa Ho Jataa Hai!!

Is Trah Do Tasveeren
Ek Doosre Ko Dekh Rahi Hoti Hain
Guzrta Waqt
Sar Jhuka Kar
Tasveer-e - kham Ho Jataa Hai

Jab Tum In Lafzon Se Bani 
Is Tasveer Ko Jab Sochogi
Tum Khud Bhi To
Ek Tasveer Hi Ban Jaogi!!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, October 16th, 2014 @ 1:15am

Monday, October 13, 2014

Its sardines time...

This is the time n place I feel sorry for myself, being stuck like sardines in a local train. No matter where u go there is no escaping this in India. This is what others economists call the "population dividend" - a dividend I can live without.
So here I was pissed off n angry, more concerned about the health my MacBook Pro than myself. And suddenly a guy started singing a sad song:

 " main ne chaand aye sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
mujh ko raaton ki siyahi kuch na Mila!"
I tried to inject some humor in a F&%$# Up situation so I told him " yaar ghar jaa rahe ho office nahi, u shud be singing happy song!"
He came back with " Ghar jaa raha hoon isi liye to sad song gaa raha hoon. Biwi hai ghar main. Aap to experinced honge"
Except perhaps I was always happy going home back in the days....

Friday, October 10, 2014

Milo to Khush aur na Milo to...

Agha Jaani Kashmiri, was a legendary writer n actor who wrote some of the memorable films in 40s, 50s, and 60s. Some of them are Anmold Ghadi, Humayun, Amar, Mujhe Jeene Do, Chori Chori and almost all of Joy Mukherjee's films. In fact he was the one who saw Joy, and pressured his father S. Mukherjee to allow him to act....saying he will take care of his diction and teach him acting.
Anyways. this post is not about him. Its about Ashok Kumar. The picture below is from his autobiography called "Seher Hone Tak", published in 1967 or so. He had dedicated his book to many frnds from the Industry and to Pt. Nehru. In this page he is dedicating it to Ashok Kumar with an interesting anecdote. He writes " Ashok Kumar is a 30 year old frnd, and it was he who dragged Ashok Kumar to Anmol Ghadi and Humayun".
Well, this post is about what he writes next. He says "Whenever I run into Ashok Kumar, he hugs me and says yes to everything I say - even though I may not see him again for a long time. Ashok believes in "Milo to Khush aur Na Milo to Aur bhi Zayada Khush".
That line gave me the 'aha' moment after I bought it from a raddi-wala on a footpath of Bhindi Bazar. This book made me and old man even when I was suppose to be a teenager. This book has lived in two different continents with me.....traveled to many cities internationally. It contains many gems, but the one I internalized was "Milo to Khsuh aur Na Milo to Aur bhi Zayada Khsuh"
Just think about it for a second.....
By believing and living with this dictum you are offering freedom to everyone in your circles. No one is be pressured to see you, at the same time no one is stopped from seeing you as well. Happiness is the result whether you meet or not.....
When frnds meet me after a long time or meet me daily or weekly, I thoroughly enjoy them. I go full throttle on my humor and laugh like there is no tomorrow! I seldom complain to anyone ke why you didn't meet or never called. For me, meeting me after many years is not the topic of reverence, what is important is what we are going to do next......
Coz I have set everyone free with by living Ashok Kumar Mantra " Milo to Khush aur na Milo to Aur Bhi Zadya Khush!"
Try will set you free for life.....

Friday, October 03, 2014

Kahin aap Mujhe

Ye Baaten Jo Dil Ki Chupaane Lage Hain
Kiya Wakai Mujhe Aap Chahne Lage Hain?

Na Tum Se Mahobbat Thi, Na Hai, Aur Hogi
Kehte Waqt Woh Aankhen Churane Lage Hain

Zameen Pe Pair Nahi, Aasman Aankhon Main
Ab Kiya Hua Kiyoon Itna Itraane Lage Hain?

Pehle Khamosh Taka Karta Tha Tanhaiyan Meri
Ab Chaand Hai Khush, Taare Muskaane Lage Hain

Ek Umr Kati Apne Dasht Ke Hisaar Main Shahid
Ab Kahin Jaa Ke Hosh Thikaane Lage Hain

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, October 4th, 2014 @ 2:50am 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bhupinder Singh

"Shahid ji, how would you like if we get Bhupinder ji to song your ghazal?"
"Which Bhupimder? Dil dhoondta Hai wale?"

I remember exactly where I was when Apurva ji called. I felt like I transported to the moon a first film, my first ghazal going to be sung by a singer I grew up loving.....too good to be true!

Before that for about a few months we were looking for a singer in the Atlanta and neighboring areas. Apurva Ji would audition singers every week and reject them. After we exhausted all the potential singers he auditioned me as well. I was rejected in less than a minute....this is how my career in singing ended....

I was feeling depressed and frustrated and this call from Apurva ji lifted my spirits.

However, on the day of the recording I was away on a business trip to Burnswick, GA.  Sandhya ji, narrated this incident to me:

Bupinder ji, while rehearsing the ghazal realized a word not fitting in well so he mentioned that to her, who told him that "Shahid could not make it....please feel free to make changes as you like".

Bhupinder Ji said " Nahi rehne den.....without writer it would be improper to make changes. I will sing as he has written.."

So he sang my gahzal as is......

This is the material legends are made up of......


Saturday, September 27, 2014


Waqt, Guzar Kar Dekho To
Tumhare Chere Ke Naqoosh
Tumhari Aankhon Ke Suroor
Tumhari Zulfon Ki Woh Chaoon
Tumhare Palkon Ke Woh Gaoon
Tumhari Baaton Ke Sehar
Tumhare Lehje Ke Safar
Tumhare Honton Ke Lamas
Tumhari Bahon Ke Sukoon

Ko Kaise Mubham Kar Raha Hai
Pehle Is Ne Sirf Ek Hi Kiya Tha
Dekho Ab Kitne Zulm Kar Raha Hai!

(C) Shahid Parvez Sayed, September 28th, 2014 @ 12:35am

Thursday, September 18, 2014

World IQ going south...

Here is some Good News for people that were afraid of death the other day on my timeline. (Ye zindagi ke mele duniya main kam na honge / afsos hum na honge!)

Look at this IQ chart closely and recall how an ordinary person was when we were young - and how they are now?

Aren't you glad that you will not be around in 2050 to see the idiots running amok everywhere? We are having difficulty making sense of whats happening around us, and how, twenty something good looking kids have become religious bigots, intolerant discriminators and just plain dumb.

What these kids would do when they are the temporary occupants of 16, Pennsylvania Ave,10 Dawning Street and and 7 Race Course Road?

Trust me you are better off dead than dealing with an IQ below 80. So enjoy your time now......death will be a welcome relief....whenever that happens!

Mirza says, The graph is on a higher side due to the stats from "some" western countries, imagine how it will look if it was just India....LOL